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UPDATE: Panic as US immigration stamps No EOS / AOS on Nigerian Passport



According to reports reaching us, nigerians are in trouble as the US Immigration officers allegedly stamps No AOS No EOS on Nigerian passport.

In reference to the news about the United States of America government’s ban on Drop Box, an Instagram user has called on Nigerians to be careful if they have to travel to the United States.

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The Instagram user also went on to say the US Customs and border protection security are now signing No AOS / No EOS on passports of visa holders or immigrants at the US airport.

He went ahead to share a photo of what it looked like claiming someone he knows just flew in Atlanta and got her passport stamped with the words. See post and picture below.

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He wrote;

Can you see what they are doing to people now in America? They stamp your passport and write this, Some one just came into Atlanta and they stamped her passport AOS meaning no adjustment of status. The next one EOS means no extension of status. So no longer extending your 6 months stay Or adjustment of status or getting married while you are here, everyone has to be careful this people are not joking.

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  1. Musibau Tijani

    22nd September 2019 at 6:05 pm

    Our Leaders should see what the US govt is doing,they should amend their ways and make Nigeria better so that we will not want to be going to countries like USA and South Africa again.Thanks

  2. Temporary Protected Status

    13th November 2019 at 7:06 am

    Well I think this sure is a serious issue. Stamping your visa like that without even telling you the reason and just like that you won’t be able to make arrangements on your visa. Really this is clearly what the president wants to happen to everyone wanting to visit the country.

  3. Tyler Allen

    13th July 2020 at 7:15 am

    FINALLY stopping the scum from shit-hole countries from illegally extending their visits through Americas amazing generosity and hospitality!!! No more fraudulent marriages, bringing over fat pregnant women who crap out nasty babies for American Citizenship and Visas, in order to collect free money. If you have a problem with it than LEAVE and DON’T COME BACK! Freeloading imbeciles! MAGA!

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