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LORD !!!: (Video) – Nigerian woman beat up teenage boy, lock him inside cage with dogs



In the video making rounds a nigerian woman has been cut on camera beating a teenage boy with a belt mercilessly after which she locked him in a cage with dogs.

It is said that the woman had a belt in hand which she used in beating the teenage boy who was shirtless repeatedly in his back and head, she then ordered him to go into the cage where other dogs can be seen and locked him up with padlock.

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According to reports, the womans relationship with the boy is unknown and the video is currently being investigated. Watch below.

A twitter user named enyola has revealed that there is a reward for anyone who can locate the woman and the teenage boy who was locked up in the cage with dogs.

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He wrote;

I think this needs to be investigated. If there’s anyone with any useful info on the source of this video, kindly hit me up.
There’s a reward for anyone that can help me locate the woman and the boy in this video. This must be how the likes of Abbo, the woman beating Senator was raised. We can’t allow this to continue, we must nip it in the bud.

Even if the boy is her son (which I doubt), we need to rescue him from her and put him in a better living environment.
Help us find this boy so we can give him a family.
There are scars on the boy’s leg, it’s evident he’s being tortured everyday. I’m actually in different forms on anger and emotion just watching this video over and over again.

According to reports, Rapid Response Squad in Lagos has also called for information that can lead the Police to the woman for necessary action especially if she is in Lagos.

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