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HELP !!!: I Caught Her RedHanded Stealing, Deleting Her Chat From Phone, What Should I Do?



I am planning to marry her. We Have courted for one year.

I have caught her stealing my money twice but in all cases, she wept, knelt and begged me, saying it is the spirit of succubus and incubus that makes her do that.

I forgave her because I am mad over this girl. I so love her.

Now I caught her via her phone chats, that she has been deleting her chats with a guy she claims is her classmate. After not talking to her for two days, she wept and knelt to beg me, confessing that, the guy has proposed to her and that the spirits of succubus and incubus made her delete the chats.

Man cries out - ”A lady I slept with 3 months ago claims she is 5 months pregnant for me”

She says I should take her to a prophet for deliverance.

I so love her

Please what do you advise?


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