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WOW !!!: Reactions As Teni Says “Nigerian Men Don’t Cheat”



It is reported that Dr. Gary Brown, who is a dating and relationship therapist in Los Angeles, defines “che@ting” in a relationship as “If you have an agreement with your partner that your relationship is monogamous, and you have an emotional and/or s@*ual affair with someone else, then you are violating your agreement with your partner — and you have ch@ated.”

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Well based on this definition, will you say Nigerian men don’t che@t? Well, Teniola Apata, better known as Teni, says we don’t but is she being truthful?

Let’s get some Twitter reactions.
“We che@t pls don’t lie for us abeg !!

That’s a sin ����”.

“LMAO!!!!!!! I laugh in “Nigerian men” I know you are a joker but I didn’t know you were really reallygood at throwing jokes”.

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“They don’t cheat man, they just taste different varieties of women �”.

“I don’t know about Nigeria but Yoruba men don’t che@t.”

“Are you from south-south Nigeria coz na only dem get boiz weh no Dey che@t I mean Edo boiz”.

“��They really don’t�They just leave you in the relationship so you can date yourself �”

“Teni that does not have female friends, what do u expect?”

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“They cannot che@t on a billionaire body na���”.

“Except if Konji catch them.��♂️��♂️��♂️”.

“Then my dad’s not Nigerian! At all!!”

“The ladies force us to, check it well….if no be Eve all this argument sef no go dey.”