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BREAKING – What happened to Muno and Lucy that signed with Rude Boy records?



What do you guys got to say about this??? Paul Okoye now reffered to as Rudeboy once announced the signing of new artists, Muno and Lucy to their record label, Square Records. He was the pioneer to the signing of the duo.

It is noted that the dysfunctional Psquare singer made the announcement on social media, welcoming the newly signed act to the label.

“Ladies and gentlemen, It’s a new year 2016. I present to you all “Muno” my new artiste, a singer, best voice ever!!” Paul announced.

“Watch out for this dude. Joke apart, I’m not bragging. He has the best voice ever!!”

Further details were not made available about the signings.

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Lucy was even acclaimed as the the Nigeria Rihanna back then. I am sure King Ruddy prided himself with the prospect of been the one to discover artists of the next generation.

Without hitting greater heights as predicted by Rudeboy, things fell apart for his both signings.

The actual reasons for the both artists leaving the Okoye label was actually not clearly convincing to the fans.

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He stated in an interview;

“I am going to be honest with you, let me be the first person that owns a record label that will make such decision. I have two artistes Lucy and Muno. Lucy was in school for a long time and then her parents said they wanted her to finish school and it was taking my time for almost a year and they said they want her to be on her own and I said ok no problem. Like I always say, my own thing is stronger than any other thing. That’s one thing I understand so they best thing I did was accept and we prepared document to let her move. Also, early this year my male artiste came and said he wants to leave and I said no problem.

“These are signs for me to know that some people don’t have patience. Look at what is going on between artistes and labels now. I don’t think I have time. Trust me, I no get energy. It’s going to be hard for me to sign an artiste now but I can assist or help,” he said.

Continuing, he said that people have to understand that there’s what they call luck and there’s what they call patience at the same time.

“If you are lucky one or two songs is enough to blow you but if you are patient you continues until you actually discover yourself. Or you expect me to call people to put you in shows? No! Your music should draw people to call you themselves. For me, signing an artiste is not in my agenda,” he added.

I appreciate his admission about his inability to raise an upcoming act. That’s really courageous but he should start talking about what really transpired.

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Cynthia Morgan and May D have had their odeal about dealing with the Okoye family label. I wonder what Muno and Lucy have to say about their experience with the veteran, especially now that cats are being let out of the bag.

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