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UPDATE !!!: “Why I Married My Billionaire Husband, Ned Nwoko” – Regina Daniels



Nollywood actress and new mum, Regina Daniels in a recent interview, revealed that the decision to marry her husband, Ned Nwoko was her choice.

when was the first time you knew you wanted to become an actress?
I have always loved watching movies but I never imagined myself being an actress. But my mother introduced me to Nollywood and I found myself loving acting as a career.

What is the toughest role you have ever played?
That would be when I had to play a double character. Switching from one character to the other is quite hard because one has to practically change one’s personality.

Can you recall your most embarrassing moment on set?
I was quite young then. I was usually scolded on set by directors and they would say things like, ‘This girl cannot act’, ‘Come and take her out of our production’. They would also call my mum names.

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Despite those early challenges, why did you decide to forge ahead?
Though I was quite young, my mum believed I could do it. Therefore, she took all the insults. She cleared the way for me and I was sailing through.

Is there any role you would have loved to play but you have not had the opportunity to?
I have played so many roles. I have acted as a good girl, bad girl, thief and lots of others.

You have a glamorous lifestyle and many of your fans think you don’t have any challenges. Is that so?
I think it is normal for every celebrity or influential person to face challenges in their daily lives. There are things one cannot do because there are many people looking up to one. One has to keep living a modest life and act in a certain way in public. It is important for one to exhibit a character that is worthy of emulation.

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You recently had your first child. Tell me about your pregnancy experience?
Before I got pregnant, people had told me so many things, that pregnancy is hard and the journey is not easy. But, I am still very young, and for me, it was more like living my normal life. I didn’t have morning sickness or face any challenges.

What do you like most about being married to Ned Nwoko?
I feel free. I can do whatever I want, dress how I like, live my life the way I want to. My husband is always pushing me to be a better person. He wants me to be more exposed and see the world in a different way. As a matter of fact, there are many things I enjoy about the marriage that I cannot explain.

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Apart from acting, what are your other interests?
At the moment, my husband is helping me to build my TV Channel. It would be called Regina Entertainment Television and it would be on cable TV.

You recently published a magazine. Do you have plans to practice as a journalist?
Not really. It is not my field but I love news. I love making people informed and that’s the inspiration behind the magazine.

As a kid, you were said to have told your father that you would marry his age mate. What made you come to that conclusion?
I didn’t actually put it that way. I told him that when I got old, I would marry somebody of his age. I was just joking as a young girl.

Can you remember the first impression you had when you met your husband?
The first impression I had when I met him, which I will keep saying is that he looked like a farmer. We actually went on a tour to his house in the village (Aniocha North Local Government Area, Delta State) and he was so polite and educative. He wants one to know about nature and the world in general. He wants one to experience different things, so he was always trying to educate us on that particular visit.

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What’s the most romantic experience you have ever had?
I cannot remember.

Some people have criticised you for marrying somebody older than you. What do you have to say to such people?
I have nothing to say to them. (Marrying my husband) was my choice.

Your age has been a subject of controversy. How old are you?
I am forever 16 years old.

How do you feel when negative reports are written about you?
I really don’t care because I have grown a very thick skin. I just laugh over such reports with my friends and brothers. Such people who say things like that are only saying what they know. As for me, I know myself.

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How would you describe your personality?
I am fun to be with, lively, accommodating and very friendly but I am also strict. I don’t really know how to describe myself because I don’t want it to seem like I’m praising myself. However, I would like my child to have a personality like mine.

Some people have the impression that celebs like you are arrogant. What’s your reaction to that?
I can tell you for free that I am not proud. I am not arrogant but I could be mean if I need to. I don’t take rubbish. People who say that actresses are arrogant should understand their mental states. We are humans too and we have different moods when fans walk up to us.

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Do you have any fears?
Definitely! I am afraid of losing my loved ones. I believe everybody has that fear.

Can you recount the number of movies you have acted in?
I definitely can’t tell because I started acting since I was six years old. Till I got married, I filmed every day. There was never a day I stayed at home doing nothing. I always had a place to go.

Would you say that acting runs in your family?
Yes. My mum, sisters and brothers all act. My mum wants everyone to have a career.

How do you relax?
I sit down and watch movies.

What advice do you have for up-and-coming actors?
I would advise parents to guide their children in whatever paths they want to follow. No talent is a waste.

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Have you ever experienced se*ual harassment in the movie industry?
I had good guidance from my mum. She was able to build a reputation for herself in Nollywood. Once anybody knows I’m Rita Daniel’s daughter, they can’t walk up to me and say rubbish.

Besides, I have a limit to which I play (with people). I don’t give anyone the opportunity to come too close to say whatever they have in mind. That is how I have been moving forward.

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